Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year at Church!

I love 9am church.  I don't think I ever said that before having kids!  But - it's the best time with kids!  9am church doesn't interfere with naps (or at least only with the beginning of nap time), it's easy to just get the kids up and dressed for church - no messing around trying to keep them busy before it's time to get ready for church, and you have the entire afternoon for kids to nap or take a walk or do something fun as a family!  This year, we have 9am church.   Scott has meetings every Sunday morning, so it's just me and the kiddos.  (But 9am church also means that Scott gets to spend most of the afternoon with us too!!)
So - here the kiddos are the first Sunday of 2013.  Adam moved up into senior Primary - into CTR 7 (our ward Primary is huge!  so they put the CTR 7 class into Sr. Primary).  Jackson is a sunbeam!!  And Kate still has 5 months before she can go into nursery!  Aren't they a cute bunch of kids?
Believe me - these are the best two pictures of Jackson!  He just can't seem to make a regular smiley face for pictures lately.  Goofy boy!!
Jackson had a bit of a hard time going into sunbeams today, but once I bribed him with his own big chocolate bar, he decided he could go.  And the primary president was nice enough to come over and ask him to help her collect the signs from the chairs.  I think he'll do just fine. 

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