Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Brother Adoration!

It is so fun to watch Kate lately.  She is so aware of everything around her - especially when Jackson is in the room.  Her eyes follow him around the room as soon as he walks in! 
Jackson helped me give Kate a bath tonight, and then wanted to hold her!  They laid together on the bed, and every time Jackson ould say anthing, her eyes were glued to him!
 I love her eyes here.  She couldn't take them off her brother!

March Sucks!

I'm not sure what it is about March, but the past couple of years, it hasn't been a good month for our family.  2009 - Adam and Jackson both got pink eye, I got pink eye and mastitis.  2010 - Adam spent 4 days with diahrea and throwing up, Jackson had a sinus infection.  This year - it's been even worse!  Two weeks ago - the spring in our garage door broke and we couldn't open the garage door.
Last week - I got a stomach bug, then Adam got it too.  Jackson had a nasty cold and started complaining about an ear ache, and ended up with an ear infection. 
This past Tuesday - after Kate had been miserable for 2 days, I took her back to the doctor to find that she has a double ear infection and rsv.
This morning - Adam redid the stomach bug, this time throwing up all over our bed!
We've also been dealing with this today:

Scott's been practicing his plumbing skills after watching water flow out from under our kitchen sink.  After two trips to Lowe's and talking to the guys working there, we have a new faucet and a newly caulked sink.  Jackson is such a great helper. He kept crawling under and telling Scott what to do and which pipes needed his attention.  If Adam had been feeling better, I'm sure he would have been under there with him.  However - this is what Adam did all day:
Hopefully, with March behind us after one more day, we can move forward and away from being sick!  And hopefully - away from things breaking!  April - here we come!

4 months old!

I've been really terrible at taking pictures.   I don't really have much to document Kate's 4th month of life.  Here's a cute picture I snapped with my phone of the boys helping her play.
  I've forgotten how quickly babies start playing. It seems like one day, she was just laying under this toy, and the next she was grabbing at the toys and putting them in her mouth. She loves to hold things now and everything is going into her mouth. She's also become a drool monster! I keep waiting for those first few teeth to pop through, but nothing so far!
Here are a few pictures I took of her on her 4 month birthday.  She still doesn't really have much hair, and she has the most beautiful blue eyes!   And those fingers are always in her mouth!

And here is her amazing smile!  Kate has the best smiles!  She tries hard to giggle, but doesn't always get the sounds out! 
 And, she has found her voice!  She will lay on the floor, or in her swing and make so much noise!  It's so fun to listen to her!
Kate went to the doctor for her checkup and here are the results:
Length: 26 inches (98th percentile)
Weight: 15 pounds (70th percentile)
Head: 16 and 1/8 inches (60th percentile)
She certainly isn't keeping up with her brothers, but she is growing nicely!  This was her last checkup at Woodinville Pediatrics.  Our insurance is changing since I am not going to be working any more, so we have to change doctors.  It was a little bittersweet to tell our dear pediatrician, Dr. Kaneshiro.  He gave me a hug as we left and told me he will miss seeing my giant children!  He has always been so impressed with how big my kids are!  I will miss seeing him as well.  But hopefully, we will find another great doctor!
Kate continues to grow, and is generally now a very happy baby!  She has been sleeping really well - going 8 to 10 hours at a time at night, then eating and sleeping another 3 or 4 hours.  Still not a great daytime routine, but I don't think we'll ever really get into a great one there.  She sleeps during the day when she can, and is getting better at being in her car seat, which is good.  Unfortunately, the past week or so, she's been pretty sick (more on that later), but Scott did manage to snap this adoreable picture of her the other morning!  How can you not love that face!!!

Daddy and Jackson - Weekend away!

Back in February, Scott took Jackson on a daddy and Jackson trip - just the two of them.  Uncle Brian was able to get them a free night in the hotel that his restaurant is part of, so they packed up to have a fun Friday and Saturday hanging out in Seattle!  We had told Jackson about it, and he was so excited to go spend time with just him and daddy.  He wanted to do two things - eat cake and go swimming!  That's all he talked about for several days before they headed off. 
They left Friday, early afternoon, and headed down to the Seattle Center and to the children's museum there.  Scott said Jackson didn't stop the entire time - he had him running all over the place!  Here's a ton of pictures!

 After the children's museum, they went to the hotel and hung out with Uncle Brian for little bit, before Jackson fell asleep.  He wore himself out without doing the two things that he wanted too!
The next morning - they had cake for breakfast...
 And went swimming!  (I LOVE this picture!!)
What more could a boy want!  A perfect weekend with dad all to himself!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Morning!

This is Kate in from this morning!  She always wakes up happy - even if she was up until well past midnight the night before screaming! 
I have several updates to do to our blog and will hopefully get to them this week.  The sick bug has struck our house - and it struck good!  Adam was the latest victim - throwing up 4 times Saturday night/Sunday morning.  We're hoping it stops there and we can all just get better!  Adam and I both had a nasty stomach bug, Jackson's had a terrible cold and an ear infection, Scott has a head cold, and Kate has had a little bit of everything - including teething (I think).   Hopefully this happy face means we're turning the corner and on the mend! 
Happy Monday everyone!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Adam's been bringing home lots of Dr. Suess books from the school library.  This week, he took his book out of his backpack and Jackson grabbed and sat down next to Kate and said "I read you a story, Kate".  Such a great big brother!

Kindergarten Open House

There was an open house at Adam's school this past week.  Adam was so excited to give me a tour of his classroom.  His teacher told me they had been practicing giving tours, and cleaning up the classroom to get ready for their parents to come.  Scott wasn't able to come, so Adam asked me to take a coupld of pictures of his art work.  These are cute umbrella guys they made, and then they wrote a poem about it raining.  Adam's poem said:  "Rain on the orange bear.  Rain on the pink pig.  Rain on the blue car. But not on me!"
 They've been talking about the weather in Adam's class.  They read a poem about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, and made these cute lions and lambs.  We found Adam's lion, but couldn't find his lamb.  (I know Adam looks a bit creepy in the picture - he didn't want to smile and only wanted me to take one picture!)
I'm happy that Adam is still liking school.  I enjoy volunteering on Wednesday mornings and helping with writing.  Adam has written several books, that we got to see at the open house, he even wrote one about Jesus.  I need to take pictures of it and post it here so we remember.  He's learning so much and really having a lot of fun.  His goal every day is to get on the WOW list - which means he's doing what his teacher asks without having to be reminded.  I'm so proud of him and his desire to do what he knows is right!