Friday, March 30, 2012

Daddy and Jackson - Weekend away!

Back in February, Scott took Jackson on a daddy and Jackson trip - just the two of them.  Uncle Brian was able to get them a free night in the hotel that his restaurant is part of, so they packed up to have a fun Friday and Saturday hanging out in Seattle!  We had told Jackson about it, and he was so excited to go spend time with just him and daddy.  He wanted to do two things - eat cake and go swimming!  That's all he talked about for several days before they headed off. 
They left Friday, early afternoon, and headed down to the Seattle Center and to the children's museum there.  Scott said Jackson didn't stop the entire time - he had him running all over the place!  Here's a ton of pictures!

 After the children's museum, they went to the hotel and hung out with Uncle Brian for little bit, before Jackson fell asleep.  He wore himself out without doing the two things that he wanted too!
The next morning - they had cake for breakfast...
 And went swimming!  (I LOVE this picture!!)
What more could a boy want!  A perfect weekend with dad all to himself!

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Diane said...

What a great idea!