Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today was my birthday!  Kate slept through the night last night - that was her present to me, and it was awesome!  Now, if my boys would just quit getting up at 6am, I could have really slept in!
I had such a fun day!  I took the boys bowling, along with our good friend Quyen Terry and her darling kids, Xander and Maira!  It was so fun to watch all of them bowl!  Jackson somehow got a strike (I was helping Adam look for a different ball when it happened, so I missed all but the cheering at the end).  I took a couple of videos of each boy bowling, but I can't figure out how to get them to upload onto blogger - so I'm stuck uploading pictures.  I love Adam's smile!
J-man!  He was so fun to watch!  He asked which lane every single time he got up to bowl.  Then he stepped over the line and set the buzzer off.  After he threw (literally) the strike, he was so disappointed that he didn't get to go again!  Luckily, Maira was ok with him taking her first turn.  
 Here's the whole gang of bowlers!
 After a wild game of bowling, we headed to Red Robin for some yummy dinner.  The kids were so excited when they brought me an ice cream sundae and sang happy birthday.  It was more fun to watch their reaction!
It was a great way to spend the day!  Scott brought home some yummy pizza for dinner, then we went for a walk around the block and marvelled at how much our boys are growing up as we watched Adam ride his scooter (he has gained so much coordination over the past year), and Jackson scoot around on a little car that his legs are too long for.  Scott helped the boys get ready for bed, and I got to cuddle with Miss Kate, enjoy her smiles and coos and put her to bed.  Then read books with the boys, read scriptures, say prayers and sing songs (Nephi's Courage for Jackson and Choose the Right for Adam - it's always the same - every night!).  I am truely blessed!

Tomorrow, Scott is "surprising" me with a night away.  He had to tell me ahead of time because I kept making plans for Saturday.  Anyway - I'm excited for a true full night of sleep.  We are going to a great little bed and breakfast on Camano Island.  My parents are coming to stay with the kiddos.  Hopefully Kate will cooperate and take a bottle.  I am so greatful to live near my parents who love my kids so much and enjoy spending time with them.  Again - I am truely blessed!

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Diane said...

Happy Birthday - again. Debby has a picture of the baby up on her blog now.
Aren't your parents wonderful? I love them and miss them. Have a great night away. SLEEP!