Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Birthday Present - EVER

Scott's "surprise" birthday present was so great!  We left Friday around noon, went to lunch, got a pedicure (Scott too!), and then headed up to Camano Island.  Seriously - if you ever want a great bed and breakfast - go to the Blue Moon Beach House on Camano Island.  Scott and I spent two nights there last year for our anniversary, and loved it.  It was just as great this time!  There isn't much to do on Camano Island - and we really didn't want to do anything.  We rented 3 movies (amazingly they were all good - Water for Elephants, Moneyball and Larry Crowne) so we checked in, and watched movies and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We went to bed at about midnight, and slept - uninterupted.  Scott got up and took a picture of the sunrise...
  ...then we both fell back asleep until there was a knock on the door at 9:00 when our breakfast was delivered.  And breakfast was divine!  Coconut french toast, fresh fruit, sausage, orange juice and hot chocolate. It was soooo good!!
Saturday, ended up being a beautiful day!  The sky was an amazing blue!  The water was calm - we walked down the beach to collect some rocks and shells for the boys.  It was almost warm out!
I was amazed at how one good night of sleep could make me feel so refreshed!  It had been a good 3 weeks since I had felt even close to rested!  Between being sick myself, then Jackson, then Adam, then Kate all getting sick - it was like having a newborn all over again, except there was throw up included...  Four words - best birthday present - EVER!

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