Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kate at 3 months

Kate was 3 months old this past Saturday, February 18th.  She has become such a fun little girl!  She smiles all the time, and that smile lights up her whole face.  It's one of our favorite things to do around here - see who can get the biggest smile from her.  Adam is really good at it!  She is the highlight of church - everyone wants to hold her so she will smile at them!  I haven't taken many pictures this past month (poor third child), but I did get some pictures before church on Sunday.  She still hardly has any hair, so it's a good thing my friend made me these cute headbands!  (Funny story - Scott and I went to an Eagle court of honor Saturday night.  There were a couple of older gentlemen there from the local VA to recognize the scout.  One of them came over to see Kate, and he was so excited talking to me about how my baby boy would one day be a scout!  Reminded me to always put a bow or flower headband on her head - even though she was dressed in pink!!)
This picture doesn't even come close to catching her great smile! 
 She is getting so strong! 
 She has definatley found her hands.  She constantly has one of her fists in her mouth.  She sometimes sucks on them so hard she has red welts on her knuckles.
 Jackson loves to give Kate shoulder rides!
We all just adore our cute little Kate.  She continues to grow so fast!  She is sleeping really great at night - usually only getting up once to eat.  She is still in our room in the cradle that my Granpa Conrad made.  By 3 months the boys were too big for the cradle!  I need to start transistioning her into her own room - it's just so easy to roll over at night when she starts fussing and feed her in my room! She is napping in her crib during the day - although, she's only taking about 45 minutes naps lately, for some reason.  It's so fun to watch her grow and to see how much her brothers adore her!  They both love to lay on the floor or bed and talk to her. Jackson calls her girl, and Adam calls her princess.  She sure is adorable!


Tiffiny said...

She is so cute!! I can't believe how big she has gotten.

rconrad said...

Don't worry about Kate being called a boy. Robyn was called a boy even with a bow! Robyn loves looking at Kate and saying baby!!