Sunday, February 14, 2010

Preschool Fun!

Adam still has another school year before he starts kindergarten. So, for this (2009/2010) school year, I decided to do a co-op preschool with some friends from church that have kids the same age. There are 3 other kids, and the moms all take turns planning and having the classes at our homes. The other moms were so nice to give me lots of time to get adjusted to having Jackson before it was my turn to teach - so I got the whole month of January, and we had lots of fun. I have a few pictures of some of the things we've done (I didn't ask for permission to post pics of the other kids, so it's all Adam).
We started our first day celebrating the new year. We decorated 2010 glasses and talked about the new year and making resolutions to do something new. That's a hard concept for 3 and 4 year old kids, but it was a fun discussion!
The next day we had a pajama party. All the kids came in their best PJ's, and we had fun talking about what we do before bedtime and making a good night book.
The next couple of weeks, we talked about snow and winter and snowmen. Then healthy habits - good food for our bodies, (now, every time Adam wants a snack, he asks "Can I have something good for my body" - it's very cute), and we talked about exercise and did some yoga. We learned the frog, swan, shark and tree poses.
I ended up doing two extra weeks of preschool because the mom that was supposed to take over for February had a very sick younger child. He got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for close to a week. So, we had fun talking about our teeth, and painting with toothbrushes, and then talking about things with wheels and painting with matchbox cars. The next week we had a Valentines party and Preschool Olympics - which was so much fun! We colored Olympic flags, and made our own torches. We ended the day with some Olympic games (balloon hitting, frog jumps, somersaults and dancing), a metal ceremony and closing ceremonies where everyone got to march around waving their flags and torches.
I really enjoyed my stint of teaching preschool, and am looking forward to doing it again for a few weeks in June. I think Adam's had a fun time as well!

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Laura D said...

He sure looks thrilled holding his tourch!