Sunday, February 14, 2010


Scott's mom had been here for a visit, so on Saturday we decided to go do something fun and went to the Seattle Aquarium. Adam had never been before, and it had been forever since I had been there, so we were excited to go check it out.
When you walk into the Aquarium, there is a wall that is one huge fish tank. There was a diver in the tank feeding some of the fish. He was hi-fiving all the kids. Here's Adam getting his hi-five!
Lots of star fish to see. Adam touched one, and wouldn't put his hand back in the water.
Jackson spent his time in the stroller being pushed around. Isn't he a cutie!!
It was octopus week at the aquarium. It was very strange to watch this guy breathe. Gods creatures are amazing!
Here's Adam shaking hands with the octopus. I don't think the little girl was too happy about him getting so close!
Jackson made it out of the stroller for a look into the starfish tide pool.
And to pose for a picture with his brother.

There were a few other displays - lots of fish, seals, otters, shore birds. We had a nice time checking it all out.


Kristin said...

Sweet can I link you on field Trip Friday next week?

Heidi said...

When we go there I can't get my kids to take their hands OUT of the water!! Cute pictures!