Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grandma Wallis comes to Visit

We had such a fun time with Grandma Wallis at the end of March. Adam and I went to the airport to pick her up. I was a little concerned that Adam wouldn't recognize her, since he hadn't seen her since July. So we had been looking at pictures and talking about her for about a week before she came, and it worked!! Adam saw her before I did and had a big smile on his face while she rode up the escalator.
From the airport, we headed to Scott's restaurant. He changed jobs since the last time she had been up here, so we wanted to be sure she got to see where he is working now. We had a great dinner with Uncle Brian and Grandma, and then Scott dropped Grandma off so she could spend a couple days with Uncle Brian.
Grandma came back to stay with us on Wednesday. We headed off to Toddler Group, where Grandma and Adam built lots of towers - each of which was quickly knocked down by Adam. I think they had a lot of fun!

Grandma joined us for Adam's last swimming lesson. He was pretty excited when he got his little report card. Grandma took lots of pictures - you can see them all on our picassa site.
On Thursday, Grandma wanted to buy Adam a special present, so we went bike shopping!
This isn't the bike we ended up buying - I'll have to post pictures of that bike later. Adam had some fun riding around the store - although, he was easily distracted by all the toys in the area!
We also bought this amazing bubble machine. It puts out huge bubbles - and tons of them. Adam had a lot of fun running around the back yard chasing them.
On Friday - both Scott and I headed to work, so Adam spent the day playing with Grandma. I think they had a good time together. Adam was disappointed on Saturday when we took Grandma back to the airport. He asked where she was for a few days afterwards. We hope she can come to visit again soon!
We did have dinner with my mom while Scott's mom was here. I thought this was a cute picture of Adam with both of his Grandma's.

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