Monday, March 16, 2009

Budding Architect?

Santa brought Adam tinker toys for Christmas. Adam has recently discovered how much fun they can be! He is usually building rockets ships that fly around the house blasting the "bad pirates" from the sky, and protecting our house when we go somewhere. (the ships lay be the door, so no one can come in!!) But, the other night, he decided to build a "building". He actually ended up using every tinker toy in the box. Scott had to help a little bit because it kept trying to fall over, but once it was all balanced, it stood all night. Adam was most proud because it ended up being taller than he is. He kept going over and standing by it to measure, so we had to get the camera out for some pictures! Not sure he'd make a good engineer (can't get the balance thing down), but we may have a little architect in the family!!

Not sure why he decided to pick up the tinker toy box. Maybe to make himself taller?


Kristin said...

because he is a superhero of course! You must show feats of great strength in photos.

Laura D said...

He is getting so big!