Monday, April 22, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge!

We planned a quick weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Just one night - which was plenty of time!  We had a great time!! 
Posing in front of the picture window...

Ready to go swimming!
Kate was a wild girl in the pool.  She loved the slide and spent the whole time going around and up the stairs, through the sprayers and down the slide.  Most of the time, she didn't want any help - except when she would trip and go all the way under the water.  It was pretty crazy to watch.  We had several people come up to us and comment on how brave she was!  She would do the slide all by herself, then get up and head right back over to the stairs to do it again.  Scott and I took turns hanging with Kate while the other did slides with the boys.  Jackson loved going down the body slides, and Adam had a great time on the big slides. 
After dinner, we settled everyone in PJs and got a treat to wait for the bedtime show.  Kate enjoyed a chocolate covered banana...  Messy!

Here's the whole gang - waiting!
Blue-eyed girl - waiting...
The next morning, we headed down to breakfast, and then spent some time in the arcade.  Kate wasn't quite sure what was going on, but she had fun wandering through the games.
The boys had a blast playing games...
...and winning tickets.
They earned 433 tickets, and were pretty excited about it!
After playing in the arcade, we headed back to get ready for some more swimming.  We spent a fun afternoon swimming before heading home!  It was a quick, but fun little family get-a-way!

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