Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trip!

The kids and I took a road trip down to Utah and Wyoming so we could attend Nate's oldest sons baptism.  Luckily, my mom came with us!  It was a long drive!  The kids did really good in the car!  I was a bit worried about Kate, as she is still not a big fan of her car seat, but she was a champ!  Adam was entertained with his DS, and watching several movies, and Jackson actually did pretty good also.  He took several naps - I even got a picture during one of them...  I love how he wears his sunglasses upside down!
We stopped for the night in Boise.  Adam and Jackson were so excited to go swimming!  Kate went swimming for the first time.  I love this little swim suit!
Here are all the kiddos ready to go. 
 Jackson had been talking about swimming for months - ever since he had his little get away with his dad.  He was excited - until we tried to get him in the pool, and then he screamed and held on for dear life!!  He refused to even get in.  The pool was a bit chilly, so we didn't swim for too long. We did enjoy the hot tub a little before grabbing some dinner and heading to bed.  The next morning, we took another little dip in the pool before getting back on the road. 
We got to Draper that afternoon, and hung out at Aunt Tiffy's work for about an hour, and then headed to Tiffy's house.  It was so nice to get there and be out of the car for a little bit!  I was so proud of my kiddos, and SO glad that grandma came along with us!  I never could have made that drvie by myself!

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