Sunday, August 14, 2011

Annual Jetty Island Trip

We love our annual trip to Jetty Island each summer.  We had so much fun this year, we are even talking about trying to go again before the summer is over.  The past two years, the weather has been far from perfect, and we weren't really brave enough to venture into the water much.  This year, the day started out cold and cloudy, but by lunch time, the sun was coming out, the tide was coming in and we had so much fun playingin the water until the very last minute when we had to clean up and head for the ferry.  There are lots of pictures of all the fun!
Adam and Xander got right to work on building a castle....
I'm so glad these guys are buddies.  I love this picture of them.  They look like they are discussing something very seriously! 
Adam is sort of putting his arm around Xander here.  He was so sandy and dirty - I guess he didn't want to touch Xander and get him dirty. 
 Here's the J-man.  Always eating this guy!
 Or, his new thing is to put his fingers in his mouth...  I couldn't find the dry clothes I had brought for him after a trip in the water, so he wore Adams t-shirt.  He didn't really like the water the first time, so I didn't think he would be interested in going in again...
 but, I was wrong.  When the tide came in and all the other kids went in, Jackson followed them, and had a great time! 
 Jackson and Maira
 Adam was such a little fish when the tide came in.  Here he is floating on a log with Xander.
 He wanted to go out with the big boys.  Grandma was so nice and waded out there with him.  She told him she would go out until the water got up to her waist - and she did.  That spot in the middle of the picture is Adam.  There were some other big boys from our ward at church that came with us this year.  Adam wanted to be just like them!
 Jackson was so tired by the time we headed home.  He didn't want to ride in the stroller, but he was just dragging walking back to the ferry, so I forced him into the stroller, and he almost fell asleep on the ride through the sand.  It was much easier to pull the stoller this way through the sand then try to push it...
 Here's Adam with no shirt - since his brother got it all soaked.  He asked Grandma to ride at the top of the boat with him.
We had such a fun day - and really enjoyed soaking in the sunshine!  Hopefully we'll make it back for another afternoon before the summer is gone.

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