Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin patch visits

October is so much fun! We had great weather here in the Seattle area - which was perfect for visits to the pumpkin patch! We actually went twice - once with Grandma Conrad and once with our Toddler group. Adam had a very clear idea of the kind of pumpkin he wanted - it had to be a "little pumpkin". We walked from one end of the pumpkin field to the other. He would pick up a pumpkin, hold it for a minute and then say "too heavy" or "too big" and put it down. We did finally find one that met all of his requirements, and while standing in line to pay for it, he found the tiniest pumpkin ever. It actually really isn't even a pumpkin - it's a gourd, but Adam didn't seem to care, it looked like a pumpkin, so it must be a pumpkin! He was very proud to show that pumpkin off!

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