Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

We took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge which is located a couple of hours south of us.  Adam has wanted to go for quite awhile, so when a friend sent me a good coupon code, we decided to make a trip of it.  Grandma and Grandpa Conrad joined us (we are SOOOO glad that they did), and we had a fun couple of days.
Adam enjoyed the bedtime stories (except for the wolf cheer - see him covering his ears in the bottom right picture)
 We had some fun in the water....
Jackson took a little bit of warming up.  The first day we were there the kiddie pool was closed, and the rest of the pools were just too big for him.  He spent a lot of time sitting on the edge of the pool working up his courage to go in...
 He did finally warm up and spent lots of time climbing up and down these stairs...
They did have a Magicquest game for the kids as well.  Adam had so much fun being "Dragonman" and doing with quest with Dad and Grandpa.  He did finish the quest and got to fight a dragon, save a bear and some pixies.  His favorite part was fighting the dragon.
 A few other things we did on our trip - the boys colored t-shirts.

We climbed on fun stuff...
and enjoyed some ice cream. 
 We had a fun couple of days. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Zoo

Adam's preschool took a trip to the zoo.  Scott took the day off and Adam's friend Gabe joined us and we headed out to Woodland Park Zoo.  The weather co-operated and it didn't rain until we were getting in the car to come home.
 Lots of animals came out to say hi!
 I had to include this picture of our two navigators.  They had fun deciding which animals we were going to see next.  They did a good job!
 It was a long day!  Fun was enjoyed by all!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Best Sunday!

Today was an awesome Sunday!  Scott and I sat through Sunday School together and enjoyed a great lesson on our Savior.  We haven't enjoyed Sunday School together - well pretty much ever!  I'm usually in Primary, or one of us is wrestling a boy.  Today, Jackson started nursery!  He is officially 18 months old tomorrow, but we celebrated today!
Isn't he just the cutest kid?

March goings on...

I know my little blog has been pretty quiet the first couple weeks of March.  There are a few reasons - first, my laptop had to go into the shop, but luckily just needed a good cleaning and lubrication - I also found out that the model of my laptop has a known motherboard issue although mine hasn't shown any signs of said problem (yet).  And second, we were struck with the dreaded yuckiness that has been going around - Adam had some sort of stomach bug and couldn't eat for a good 4 days without having to run to the bathroom within about 4 minutes of said food entering his mouth.  It was a pretty unpleasant few days - although, I was once again reminded of how grown up he is becoming.  He made it to the toilet every time he had to throw up!  No puke on the carpet - it was amazing!  We were, however, very happy when he was able to hold food down.  Since that time, we can't seem to stuff enough food into the kid.  Yesterday, he had two lunches!  He is constantly hungry, and several people have commented about how tall he's gotten.  But, back to the sickness - Jackson didn't get the stomach bug (which we were all grateful for!), but he has been nursing a cold since about the middle of February, and then he started getting really clingy and moody - which is not how this little guy normally acts.  I finally took him to the doctor and found he has a sinus infection.  So, he's now on antibiotics.  One good thing about antibiotics and Jackson - he can eat as many bananas as he wants.  He always has a much easier time pooping...
So - that's been our March so far.  We are looking forward to a fun get away with Grandma and Grandpa Conrad to Great Wolf Lodge in a little over a week.  Adam has been looking forward to that for over a month.  We are all excited that it's almost here!
Here are a few pictures of our life this month!
Jackson has taken up cooking just like his brother did!  If Adam is helping in the kitchen, Jackson has to be helping in the kitchen!  Here they are helping daddy make pancakes.
 Jackson's been practicing his eating skills.  His most favorite thing to eat is yogurt.  It's pretty good if he gets it in his hair - right?

 The light at the top of stairs has a light bulb go out.  Scott tried to get the glass piece off and it was stuck good!  The whole light fixture came off, and then the two of us spent a good 45 minutes trying to get the two pieces apart so Scott could get the fixture back on the ceiling.  It wouldn't budge.  Nothing a little duct tape won't fix.  You might be a red-neck if...
 (this is now fixed - so there is no longer duct tape holding up the light fixture!)
Adam loves to paint - and apparently Jackson loves to climb into the middle of the easel.  He got caught several times like this one day...
 As you can see - life at our house has been moving on as normal.