Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Brother

Last weekend, we became a two kid family for a night.  Jackson went to spend the night at Grandma's house with Robyn, so we just had Adam and Kate at home.  We headed out to watch some of the young men in our ward run at district wide track meet.  On the way out, Kate took Adam's hand and let him help her through the maze of cars.  It was so cute, we had to snap some pictures!
Adam looks like a giant next to her, and she totally adores him!  They are 6 years apart in age.

The mighty, mighty spiderman

Jackson has had a long obsession with Spider-Man.  It went away for a little bit, but yesterday morning, he found his spiderman costume and wanted to wear it.  We put it on, and it's a little bit short, and has holes and runs all over it, but it didn't matter to this kid.  He wore it on our walk to drop Adam off and school, and he was the hit of the morning!  Big kids and little kids alike came up and gave him 5 and let him shoot webs at them.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Adam's face as all the kids in his class asked him if that was his brother.  I think he was a little bit embarrassed and proud all at the same time.
Jackson was Spider-Man all day!  He wore it to his friends house while I volunteered in Adam's class and decided that being Spider-Man protected him from their dog (who he always hid from before), and they didn't have to put her in the kennel.  He wore it to pick Adam up from school and got more hi-5s.  It was a spider-riffic day!!


Just going through old pictures and found these from back in February.  Reading bedtime stories!